Bienvenue à El Medina

Restauration 100% halal et bar à chicha.


horaire : 

Restaurant salon de thé(Halal) : 12h - 23h
Bar a chicha : 12h - 1h45

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  • All the courses mentioned above have rich content, and well-explained lecture videos, and are also the best ones.
  • When choosing a UX design course to invest your time, money, and energy into, it’s essential to consider what your goals are.
  • Codeacademy is best suited for independent, self-motivated students who like to learn by reading and doing.
  • Through this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of algorithms and data structure and how it is required in every discipline of computer science.
  • Video game designers and software developers work for companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.
  • This is a six-week course wherein you’ve to spend only 6-8 hours per week.
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Over the past decade, it has become a leading online education platform offering individual classes, professional certificates, boot camps, and degrees. EdX aggregates courses from respected universities around the globe, giving students access to high-quality education regardless of their location. As a result of their comprehensive course offerings, connections with renowned institutions of higher learning, and affordable prices, we picked edX as our best overall online course provider.


Thank you for such a wonderfully comprehensive list of courses available to enhance not only ones digital marketing best courses career, but one knowledge to boot. With the rapid rate of digitilization, remaining cutting edge is the key.

Gartner, a technology research firm, projects that the artificial intelligence sector will grow just over 21% this year. With that growth comes a significant demand for AI engineers to help maintain, improve, and build new AI systems. The courses below are my top recommendations for online AI courses you can take today to begin your journey into the field. Yes, the list includes both free and paid digital marketing courses. All courses are great to begin your digital marketing learning journey. Thanks Alex for sharing the list of best digital marketing courses referred by Reliablesoft. I’d also agree with Avinash Kaushik Sir’s comment to keep in the mind about the free & paid certification courses.

For Medical Professionals

We chose them as our pick for the best online business courses because of their robust offerings, affordable prices, and language diversity. MasterTrack Certificates are another step up that include master’s degree learning into the curriculum.

best courses

Nikita Duggal is a passionate digital marketer with a major in English language and literature, a word connoisseur who loves writing about raging technologies, digital marketing, and career conundrums. Quite a few of today’s online brokerages allow for fractional investing, too, making it easier to invest in a small piece of the names you know and love, sometimes for as little as $1. And if you really want to simplify your investing efforts without feeling a big pinch, you can choose a platform that rounds up your everyday purchases and invests that spare change for you.

Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms (Udemy)

However, we wanted to ensure that these courses still provide high-quality education even if they come with a lower price tag. We compared what providers offer in terms of course materials, length of access, course completion documentation, and more to guarantee that students are getting the skills, knowledge, and support they deserve. Since this is a live recorded university course, lessons are given in an MIT lecture hall by Patrick Henry Winston, a renowned MIT professor. The content in this class spans more broadly than any other course of found, touching on everything from basic AI algorithms, to machine learning, to probabilistic methods. AI is a fast-moving field, and since this course was recorded in 2010, it doesn’t include some more recent developments. Despite that, the concepts presented are still relevant and form the foundation of AI today. The CS50 computer science course from Harvard is one of the most popular CS online courses currently available.

You can also use my code FRIENDS10 to get a 10% discount on any subscription you choose. In short, one of the best courses to learn Python for web development and Machine learning. If you are learning Python to become a web developer then you should join this course.

QS World Merit Social Responsibility Scholarship: 2022 winner

All examples mentioned in the official Python Tutorial are self-contained and can be read offline. If you are into fun project-based courses, Udemy’s Python Bible course might be a good fit. If you don’t know Flask is a popular framework for creating a web application, unlike Django, it’s lightweight and only provides essential features and leaving the rest to developers. This is another Python fundamental course on Udemy which is project-based. In this hands-on Python course, you will build 11 fun Projects using Python in 2022. Talking about social proof, more than 184,202 students have already enrolled in this course which speaks to how popular this Python course is. The Python Programming Masterclass course is also very comprehensive and you will find a lot of quizzes, exercises, and questions to consolidate your learning.

best courses

I highly recommend this course to anyone who loves to build projects and learn along the way. If for some reason you will not be able to connect Jose Portilla’s teaching style then this is a good alternative course to learn Python. It’s both hands-on and project-based and also up-to-date to cover Python 3 concepts and Angela Yu is another fantastic instructor on Udemy. This is one of the rare courses where you can learn both Python 2 and Python 3! Many of you thinking why not YouTube, but to be honest you need to do a lot of searches and switch to YouTube to learn anything in depth. It’s much better to join an online course on Udemy than YouTube because courses are very well structured, and there are practices, quizzes, exercises, and hands-on learning. Since SQL skills are always in demand and, in fact, mandatory along with other programming skills, a good knowledge of SQL will help you get a better job and help in your current day-to-day tasks.

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